I thought I would share my winter mornings outfit. It's been so cold the last few weeks, but I'm so relieved that the weather is getting better day by day.
In the winter, or any season for that matter I like to go for a walk, but in the winter I need to add slightly more layers.
Usually, a thin pair of stockings and a long sleeve undershirt does the trick.

On those cold winter mornings, I like to wear flat shoes, cause there might be some frost or ice left.
I don't feel like having a Bambi moment. I had so many of those growing up in Norway.
Haha, you get pretty used to falling on your ass on the way to school.

Lastly, my favorite accessory on a winter morning is to have a hot beverage in hand.
It's like having a warm hug.

My favorite backpack. Fit's all my notebooks and planners <3 I hope you like this winter morning outfit.
Let me know how you dress in the winter, and if you're brave. "What's your most awkward winter moment?"