I'm not the biggest spender. I'm a budget girl, so I thought I would share some of my "Girl on a Budget" Fashion Advice.

1. Buy Classy and Basic Pieces
I only ( for the most part 99%) of the time buy essential pieces.
Clothing pieces, that I know will still be in style for years to come.
I'm not the typical trendy girl. Some of my basic items are; a trench coat, black boots, and a striped top.

2. It's All in the Accessory
When shopping on a budget, it's wise to invest in some nicer pieces.
A good pair of sunglasses will automatically make you look more stylish.
A long necklace, will give your basic top that extra something.

3. Think Before You Buy
I know it can be easy to walk into a store and leave with a bag.
If I see an item I want to buy, I usually wait a week until I buy it.
That way I know I really love the item.
If the item is sold out.. "hey it wasn't meant to be, and I know I can always find something similar, or better somewhere else".

4. Do the Math

Let's say you want a dress for New Years and it cost $50.
That means if you only use the dress once, it will cost you $50 (50 divided by 1 is 50).
If you buy a pair of sneakers and they cost $100, and you plan on wearing them every day.
That means they only cost you $0.27 per. day (100 divided by 365 is 0.27).
The sneakers might seem pricey at first, but worth it in the long run.

5. Take Stock of What You Own
There is nothing worse than having multiples of the same/similar item.
An easy way to keep stock of what you own is to organize your wardrobe every season.
Empty your closet, and reorganize it, to get a clear view of your belongings.

If you have a small closet I would recommend having a capsule wardrobe for each season.
Meaning you "hide" your other clothes away in a suitcase or box, when it's not their season.
So in the Summer, your capsule will consist of a few tees, singlets, dresses, shorts, skirts and maybe some pants, light sweaters, and cardigans.
In the winter; pants, jeans, stockings, long sleeve undershirts and thick knit sweaters.
I always do this, cause I share a tiny closet with my boyfriend.
And believe it or not..He owns more clothes than me ;p

Let me know if you like these budget fashion advice?
Also feel free to share some of your best budget advice with me πŸ™‚ I would love to hear them!