I have been wanting to try out the new Burt’s bees tinted lip oil and the gloss lip crayon for a while.
Burt’s bees is one of my drugstore go-to for lip products.
So keep reading if you want to know what I think of the Burt’s bees tinted lip oil and Burt’s bees gloss lip crayon.

Burt’s bees tinted lip oil:
The packaging reminds me of a marker. It has a brush applicator, and you kinda have to wind it up for the product to be released.
It’s a light tinted oil, that feels very smooth on the lips, and has a slight fruit taste. It feels very moisturizing and light but gives the look of a lip gloss.
I would definitely recommend this product if you like glossy lips with a slight tint.
It’s very easy to apply without a mirror, and I will definitely be repurchasing.

I got the color Rustling Rose, which tints my lips with a slight berry shade.
A very natural and subtle everyday color.

Burt’s bees gloss lip crayon:
This comes in a crayon packaging.
The cap is thick which I appreciate, cause then it’s not going to break like most crayon caps do.
This product has more color payoff than the oil.
It feels like a tinted lip balm on the lips but gives off a very glossy look.
It has a bit of a plastic smell, but the smell vanishes within the first 10 minutes.
It stays put and offers moisture for a long time, and leaves behind a natural stain.
The color pay off reminds me more of a lipstick, so if you’re a lipstick person, but don’t like the heaviness of a lipstick, then this product is for you.

I got it in the color Pink Lagoon.
It’s a cold toned light pink. It can be worn as lightly or built up to a baby pink.

” Have You tried the New Burt’s Bees Products ?”

(Pictures taken from Phone, not edited. Indoor lighting.)